Whats in our hospital bags?

OOOOH man did I ever watch a million of these videos when I was pregnant. Why is packing for the hospital so exciting/stressful? My best friend was due October 1 so we decided to share what she had packed in her hospital bag and compare it to what I packed and ended up never using!

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Baby Led Weaning

OH MY GOD I could talk about this FOREVER! I’m pretty sure my original video length was over 45 minutes long… There are so many questions I had and so many questions I know other people have still. Maybe I’ll do a part two haha. Until then, enjoy this video explaining the basics of what Baby Led Weaning is and why I’m so OBSESSED with it.

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Whats in my diaper bag?

So! This was my first ever sit down and film type video. At this time I had been vlogging for about a month… so my skills aren’t quite there. But I still enjoyed it. This is the type of video I watched A LOT when I was pregnant and so far it has a lot of views (for a newbie of course). Please enjoy!!

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A new type of blog?


I’ve always had this problem of starting something, getting really in to it, and then stopping. I’ve started I think four blogs over the last couple years and I always start strong and then the passion slowly dies. Thankfully, I think I’ve figured out my problem. I’m a talker, not a writer. Grammar? Not my friend. Run on sentences with 10 tangents? Yes, please. Welcome to my personality. With that, I’m going to try out a new type of blog now.

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Pregnancy Skin Care

I’m a bit of a beauty junkie and skin care is definitely one of my biggest passions. I have tried an unbelievable amount of skin products. When I was pregnant I was very unsure which products were safe to use on my face. I normally use acid peels and special face creams with all these crazy ingredients, so I was very cautious about choosing the right ones to use during my pregnancy. There is a lot of information out there about what to use and what not to use but I found it very spaced out and sporadic. So I decided to revisit my research and put it all into one post, including some of my most used products from during my pregnancy.

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Newborn Routines- The good and the bad


I’ve always been an organized routine person. Nothing makes me happier than timetables and to-do lists. I’m probably a little crazy about it, but I’ve always managed to be very relaxed when it comes to wandering outside of my daily routine. There are days where its perfect, and others where you just gotta roll with what life throws at you. When I got pregnant I started doing research on the possibility of putting a newborn on a schedule. I was pleased to learn that schedules are actually encouraged with newborns. Research has shown they help babies learn the time of day, encourage better sleeping habits, and make it easier for people to babysit once the schedule has become routine. Naturally I got really excited to try putting my baby on a routine.

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Baby Favourites- 2 Months

William’s second month was kind of slow. After the the first crazy couple of weeks of having a newborn things started to settle down into a routine. Most of this month was spent finding ways to make William nap, or entertaining him when he was awake. He never wanted to nap and if he did manage to doze off it was only for around 20 minutes. Luckily I found some key items that made nap time a lot easier, and a couple other things that he loved to play with when he was awake!

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My Breastfeeding Journey


I’ve always been pro-breastfeeding: when I was a little girl, when I was learning about it in nursing school, and now as I teach my patients about it. I could say I’m somewhat of a breastfeeding expert, and definitely an enthusiast. I’ve even started counting my teaching hours so I can become a certified lactation consultant. I was so obsessed with breastfeeding that while I was pregnant, I never had any dreams about birth or having my baby at all; the only dream I had was about breast feeding for the first time.

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Mommy Fashion- Summer outfits

Taking care of children is hard and very time consuming. There are days…hell, weeks, where I wear the same pair of pyjamas and don’t even leave the house. Then when I try to leave the house I walk into my closet like….


Wait…what are real clothes again? Why aren’t these soft stretchy and polka-dotted? What’s a zipper? I have to wear a bra?….Yeah you all know what I’m walking about.

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